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This is the Articles Index for the Nuggets of Gold blog.
Introduction to this blog

God's Attributes
Tall People Are Farsighted: God sees beyond the crowd & the present
Our Tuning Fork: God's Word a trustworthy standard for all of us
Fabric: God's government vs man's rule
Accurate and Dependable Standard of Measure (Atomic clocks)

Human Governments
Instruction Manual: Read the instructions first

Personal Growth
A True Friend Listens (Prayer is good, but learn to listen to God)
Aerobic Exercise: Fully practicing our faith.
Are You A Chair? Meeting participation
Binoculars and Microscopes: How our publications help people
Bird On Head: Dismiss bad thoughts immediately
Brick House (Building relationships, especially with God, takes time)
Clean Dishes: Understanding the word "sanctify."
Coloring Book: Sexual morality is good
Dent In Car Hurtful words dented feelings and relationships
Double Sin: Sneaking a Taste after being told "no."
Driving Rules: Knowing the intent of the law is important
Energy Drink: Keeping awake spiritually very important
Enjoy Spiritual Company Attend meetings
Faith By Action: Lion Tamers, Farmers, Skydivers
Faithful Course: Like a ship at sea
Food Intolerance: Growing spiritually means accepting discipline
Friend Request (Caution when dealing with strangers)
Garden of Plants: Our minds & hearts are gardens
Gossip: Adding fuel to the fire
Guided Tour of Bible (read alone or learn from guide?)
Health Insurance: Coverage does not fix preexisting condition
How Should A Conscience Work? Starter motors and coffee brewers
How To Give Counsel (1/2017)
I Am Strong Enough (Even strong bridges have failed)
Joy and Gratitude
Knocked Down
Life's Discoveries
Long-term Disability (Becoming Disabled / Resurrection Hope)
Nails and Holes (Nails, like unkind words, may leave lasting holes.)
New Paint: Strip off the old, then apply the new.
Picture Puzzle: Christian growth takes patience and time
Resentment Is Exhausting
Ripe, Good Fruit: More than skin-deep beauty
Riding A Bike (Try, try again)
Rock or Sponge: Are you just "in" the truth or is the truth "in" you?
Sporting Illustrations
-  Fully Trained: Knowing and Doing are two different things
-  Race For Life: Runners train hard
Trace Elements: Vital for life
Untrained Senses: City folk are untrained in wilderness living.
Water Ripple Effect: Our words and actions may have a long-lasting effect.

Religion & Worship
Butterflies versus Caterpillars Pollinate vs Defoliate
Clean Water: Is your water healthy or does it just taste good?
Air Masks--Comfort From God. Airplane depressurizes--now what!?
Appreciating ALL Our Meetings
Family Business. (Father & Son are not one-in-the-same person)
Fence Sitting. Indecisiveness is dangerous
Improving Eyesight: Refinements to understanding
Kingdom Coin, The Every coin has two sides, heads you win, tails you lose.
Lighthouse vs. Flashlight: Finding the brightest light
Nail & Stone Carving: Beauty in simplicity
Parents Require Respect: Disrespect comes in many forms
Prayer: Properly Addressing God In Prayer
Real Gold: God's truth, simple & free
Spies - Front Companies: Spies sometimes setup reputable, useful front companies but what is their real purpose?
Stand Firm Against Winds: peer pressure & persecution
Trophy Case: Prizing our faith

Nauseous Gases: Satan and his "teachings"

Bubbles: Enthrolling your audience
Campfire Experiences: How to be calm in giving speeches
Geode: Plain on outside; beautiful inside
Brushstrokes and Painting: Applying the school counsel points
Raw Meat: A chef of truth

Pothole!: Sign of the time of the end
Hindsight Better: Understanding prophecy only complete after its fulfilled
Use No Hooks Ignorance is no excuse

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